Fluidic High Technology.

Fluidic High Technology (FHT) is the worldwide leader in the research, design, and manufacture of high-efficiency atomization spray nozzle and high-quality fluidic control systems.

Leading Edge Product

FHT spray atomization division owns US Patent and focuses on the development of high efficient atomization spray nozzles and their application. The technology and the products are being used for various industries such as the paint sprayer industry, auto spray coating industry, and high-efficiency fuel injection systems. We develop new and special products to meet customer’s requirements.

FHT Fluidic control system division has developed and invented patentable fluidic technologies. These technologies are widely used for fluidic products such as insolation isolation valves, and rotary valves. Utilizing these most advanced products, we are also continually researching and developing fluidic control systems. All these fluidic control systems are being widely used in various industries such as medical, chemical, and environmental industries.

Experience you can trust

Continuously innovating in the techniques and ensuring the highest quality control in each manufacturing step, FHT produces and delivers reliable products for customers and meets customers’ performance requirements.

Founded in 2010 by professional and senior-level mechanical engineers and electrical engineers with extensive cross-discipline border experience in fluidic mechanical industries, medical and health care industries, and Airspace-Military industries, and backed by a team of experts with more than 100 years of combined experience in related fields.

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